First of all, of course, you need an idea.

My idea is very simple-two human bodies shaped by the same stone, one breaks off the other, a soft illusion of a human body shaped by a rigid material, in the chaotic time, breaks another human body that also has a soft illusion, I think the paradox caused by this material and time is very interesting. The stone sculpture gives the illusion of flexibility of the human body, but the fracture also implies the rigid nature of the material. Simply put, if the human body on the right imposes the human body on the left If the force is established, then the rupture of the left human body is absurd, and vice versa.

There is a time point at the moment of breaking. If the left human body is rigid and the right human body is broken at the moment, should it also be broken under the premise of rigidity? The visual effects produced by the two human bodies are logically very confusing, but they are mutually exclusive. Correlation, the cause is right, the result is wrong, and the result is right, the result is wrong.

So I drew this oil painting and basically explained the matter. In fact, no one understood it at the time, and I refused to explain it. I just said that the things in the painting are very simple, and my paintings are a bit difficult for ordinary people to understand. But in this painting, the wonderful relationship of the stone statues is very attractive. In the 2006 exhibition, Sami, the owner of Artscape Gallery, said that he could sell this painting ten times, but I still kept it.

A friend said when watching the exhibition that you should make it into a sculpture. I said, a good idea, so I started to make a small draft of the sculpture the next year.

Clay mold of sculptures must be made on a skeleton made of steel wire and steel bars. I make clay drafts quite quickly, but I hate putting up a shelf, which is still the case today.

Everything went well. In order to make this magical human body relationship be seen by more people, I made it into bronze, and now there is one in the studio. However, there is still a certain gap between the bronze sculpture and my idea. The first is that it is too small. It is like a seemingly simple thing. In fact, it needs to be called out loudly to have an effect. Second, bronze material is soft. This material has nothing to do with fracture, so I started planning to make it into a Marble Titan over two meters high.

At that time, in 2006, the script of “Prometheus” was not completed, and it was released at the end of 2012. Their Titan probably plagiarized me. Unfortunately, his production staff did not have enough styling ability and the muscles were made like a bunch of loose Silica gel.

So I started to make big mud, which means to enlarge the small clay mold into a 1:1 clay draft of the final product. My product size is about a few tons of mud. Believe me, the large-scale sculptures you see in China are basically It is not the big mud made by the signature celebrities. Some of the manuscripts are not even made by themselves. They are all made by students who work to make money. Many sculptors do not do this dirty work, but the great Henry Moore and I do these things by ourselves.

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