Casting Bronze

Adopt foundry casting technology “lost-wax process”. The copper water is poured into the sand mold through the casting Sand shell. A cast sculpture is limited by its model shape. Keep more than 95 percent of the artistic details. There is a large city copper casting sculpture copper casting process. The wall thickness is generally about 3-4mm(or, more than 5mm), not easy to damage, do not fade.

Carving Marble.

Aongking products use world-renowned white marble as raw materials. Strictly selected processing. The carved marble sculpture has 100 natural. Aongking has a wide selection of natural stones. Various color. We have all kinds of art details indicators that have reached or even exceeded the domestic and international similar sculpture products.

Create Design.

  1. Visualize and user-defined details of the appearance of the entire sculpture.
  2. Aongking can make sculptures from customers’ ideas. Construct and paint sculptural looks for clients.
  3. Aongking can interact with customers during the creation process. Achieve true custom creation.

China Sculpture Manufacture

30 years of experience in the sculpture business Founded in 1995, the company has more than 55 employees and is a private enterprise.

Aongking has 5 major departments ( Metal product manufacturing( Casting sculptures team, stainless steel sculpture team), clay model creation, sales department, Aongking Carving Department, quality inspection department.), a collection of professional production, quality inspection, sales, and design in one of the whole sculpture service system. Can accept ODM&OEM and personal customization.


Garden polished finish metal stainless steel statue 2

Stainless Steel Sculpture

Resin Cartoon Sculpture

Marble Statue

Bronze Sculpture